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What is LogZilla

LogZilla Corporation is a global provider of event management software enabling organizations to improve network availability, resiliency, and operational efficiency. Our software collects and indexes machine data at a massive scale enabling users to quickly and easily search, analyze, monitor and report on this data in real time.

Processing Big Data

  • Outperforms every tool in its class by a large margin
  • Allows up to 50,000 hosts
  • Processes sustained 15,000 events per second, and handles bursts up to 30,000
  • Searches of billions of events in seconds, not minutes
  • Can be used by anyone, professionals and novice's alike.
  • LogZilla's intuitive UI can be taught in minutes - other tools require weeks of training.
  • Unlike other solutions, LogZilla does not contain useless feature bloat.
  • LogZilla can be installed in minutes.
  • LogZilla was built by an operations expert for operations personnel and managers.
  • LogZilla's founder is considered one of the leading experts on network management.
  • LogZilla is affordable for even the smallest institutions.
  • LogZilla's licensing model allows for selection of features based on the customer's environment so that they aren't spending money on unwanted options.
  • LogZilla is a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.
  • LogZilla's source code can be modified by anyone should they wish to customize it.
  • Actively developed since 2002.
  • Stable and self managing code.
  • Thousands of hours of development time.
  • Highly optimized code for today's largest networks.

How LogZilla Helps

LogZilla's sofware is used to index machine data and develop network management plans for both problem and incident management which can be executed upon in real-time.

Collect, Search and Analyze

All the devices that manage your day to day business operations generate system log messages, and that information is as valuable to network managers as customer information is to your marketing team. Being able to efficiently collect, search, and analyze this data can give administrators insight into opportunities to optimize their operations, prevent system outages, and circumvent security threats.

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